《我的梦想》my dream 英语作文


Everyone has his own dream. Some want to be doctors. Others hope to be scientists. My dream is to become a teacher.
    Teachers can not teach us many things at school, but they do their best to teach us how to learn. Thanks to them, we learn knowledge. And at the same time, we learn how to live a happy life. They spend most time on their students. They are great in my eyes.
    老师不仅能在学校教给我们许多事情,而且他们尽力教会我们如何去学习。感谢他们,我们学到了知识。并且在同时,我们知道怎么幸福地生活。 他们花费他们大多数时间在他们的学生身上。他们在我的眼里是伟大的。
    I hope to be a teacher because I admire teachers. I know it is not easy to make my dream come true. But I decide to study harder from now on. I am sure my dream will come true.


Everyone has their own dreams, in my heart there is a dream, it is deeply buried in an ideal seed pregnant with me, in my heart take root, sprout.

My dream is to be a writer, like when a child like fairy king fairy tale writer Zheng Yuanjie since went to school, I have more and more like the language in this course, is like one of its reading lessons, so, reading I found a long-buried Fengyun ideal kind.

After one year on, gradually grasped essay charm, class, I was listening to the teacher carefully each segment, when I know the details of this word, I understand in order to write essays, to seize the detail, in order to write the true feelings. Since then, every time I have to find the details of the article, to seize the heart of the article, the article makes me even more exciting. The next class, I see extracurricular books, understand the content of the article, to accumulate the essence of others, so my article more beautiful.

In four years of study and life, I found that my favorite reading class is - fairy tale, a fairy king Zheng Yuanjie its work, what attracts me most attention is the book that describes surprise me, strange and new to the world of fairy tales. Put me into a fairy tale because I have never been to the new world, everything makes me feel like an alien into the kingdom. Imagine the future of the story, imagine that a small stationery members of the kingdom's story, imagine how to help master master's tools get rid of bad habits, these fantasies one after another into a composition ...... Since then, I fell in love with a fairy tale.

Occasionally, I saw in a library Zheng Yuanjie fairy tale king "Pipi" series and "Xixi" series of fairy tales, I liked these two sets of books, and to ensure that I wanted to be a like a fairy tale, like King Zheng Yuanjie the fairy tale writer.

Language, so I love to read, let me write a good article to read, so I read a good article fairy king's works, in short, in my heart, there is an ideal kind of a writer!


Recently we had a class meeting on the topic of My Chinese Dream. Inspired by President Xi's Chinese Dream, everyone talked enthusiastically about his understanding of the Chinese Dream. We all believe that this dream will come true in the future.

I also talked about my own dream. I have always wanted to be a doctor. Not only can doctors save people's lives but also they are doing a respectable job. Doctors can also help people to live a better life with their professional knowledge.

To realize my dream, I must try to work hard from now on. I must learn as much as I can so that I can get into a good medical college, where I can prepare myself adequately for the job of a doctor. Only in this way can I accomplish my goal.

我的梦想为题 写一篇英语作文4 80字左右

My Dream
Everyone has his dream. My dream is to be a famous doctor in the future. I like to help patients and let them healthy. The doctor's work will be busy but interesting. My teacher said I was good at biology. But I still nees to improve my English, too, then I can read medical knowledges in English. So the patients from all over the world can get my helps.

My dream5

As we all know,everyone has a dream.My dream is to be an outstanding  baker.When I was a little boy/girl,I was interested in  bread and cake.I want to has a bakery of my own when I grew up.I am sure that all the people will like my product and my bakery will be opened all over the world because I am very hard-working and confident.So in order to achieve my dream,I will study harder and never give up my career.

我的梦想 My Dream5

Different people have different dreams. Some people dream of making a lot of money. Some people dream of living a happy life. Some people dream of being famous. Some people dream of going abroad, and so on. But my dream is different. Maybe you will get a surprise after you know my dream.


I have a wonderful dream in my heart. It's to speak English very well. Since English is everything for me. English is my best friend. English is my soul. English is my power. Without English, I'm nothing at all. Nothing. Now, I can think in English, speak in English, and write in English. Some people think I'm an Indian. Some people regard I'm a Pakistan. And some people even consider that I'm an Egyptian. But if I could speak English as good as an American, my future would be brilliant. So I work very hard.

在我心中有一个美丽的梦想。那就是说一口流利的英语。因为对我来说英语就是我的一切。英语是我最好的朋友。英语是我的灵魂。英语给予我力量。没有英语,我什么都没有。什么都没有。现在,我可以用英语的方式思考,用英语说话,用英语书写。有些人以为我是印第安人。有些人以为我是巴基斯坦人。有些人甚至认为我是埃及人。但如果我能说英语能像美国人说的那么好,我的未来会很美好。所以我很努力学习。我的梦想(宇航员) My Dream(astronaut)

I have many dreams, such as I am rich in the future. Therefore, I can buy all what I want. But my greatest dream is that I want to be an astronaut. Our country develops fast and our space make great progress in the last several decades. It has great achievements. All of our country are proud of it. Therefore, I want to be one of this amazing area. In order to make my dream come true, I must work hard now. So that I can go to a good university to learn more knowledge. I hope my dream can come true one day.


我的梦想(旅游) My Dream(travel) 6

When I was alittle child, I had many dreams. I wanted to be rich, so that I can live in abig and beautiful house. I can go everywhere by car. But now, my dream seems tobe better and more realistic. I hope I can have a good job. It will not takemuch of my time, although I can’t earn much. Every year, I have holidays totravel. Traveling is my favorite and it can reduce my pressure. It’s good formy life. Therefore, I hope traveling can be a part of my future life.


我梦想的职业 My Dreaming Career  7

In the past two years, my parents took me to travel to many places, including big cities, small towns, famous mountians and so on. Therefore, I like traveling and I hope I can visit to many more places. Since then, I hope I can be a tour guide in the future, so I can travel to many tourist attractions. Besides, I can meet various people and I think communicating with different people is interesting, wchich can broaden my field of vision. I hope they can share their life stories with me so that I can know the general life of a place. I know it would be a challenging job, but I believe I can do well in my job.


篇8:my dream 

  In my mind, everyone shall have his own dream. I think that having a dream means that we have an idea, and then we will do all the things to achieve the target. As long as we have a goal to be realized, we won’t be blind at least.
  My dream is to become a successful stateman, helping those people who need help with their rights. Of course, to be a good stateman is very difficult, but I will do whatever I can do to keep everyone satisfied. That's my dream. I want to try my best to help the poor sick people of our country. China is a developing country which needs good stateman,especially in the countryside and distant villages.
  Now I’m a junior student on Grade One, My dream is also that although at present I’m good at study, I’ll still try my best to be the study winner. Now everything I do is close to my dream. I feel life is fill with hope and is colorful, and I have enough confidence to realize my dream.


篇9:my dream

   A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. With a dream in the deep heart's core, a man is spontaneously driven to hitch his wagon to a star. A dream is an inexhaustible source of energy that keeps our enthusiasm burning, and kindles our desire to enhance our spiritual cultivation, refine our character, and upgrade our quality of life. A life without a dream is like a bird with broken wings, confined to a cage and oblivious of what lies beyond the range of its vision. On the contrary, a man with a dream is like a warrior armed with ambition, foresight and gallantry, daring to step into an unknown domain to make a journey of adventure. It is dream that adds fullness, variety, and spice to our life and makes it worth living.
   I have a dream. It is a dream that is deeply rooted in human nature. I dream that one day people of all origins can live in harmony and peace without being discriminated against or persecuted. The bounty of the earth can be shared by every single human being. Mutual respect will guarantee the existence and continuation of the diversity of customs and cultures. Love, sympathy, and cooperation will alleviate the sufferings and disasters inflicted upon our fellow men. Respect for basic human rights will put an end to social injustices and evils.


篇10:I have a dream

   Everyone may have his own dream. Someone may want to be rich, someone may want to be beautiful, and someone may want to have power. But I’m different from them. My dream is special. I want to have a pair of wings. Because I want to fly in the sky,I like the feeling of freedom.
   If I have a pair of wings,I’m sure it will be very wonderful. I can fly below the blue sky with the birds. I can enjoy the music of birds’. I can fly across the cloud and the small wind will blow past my face. The feeling must be the same as that my mother caresses me.