My Computer


When I was in grade four in primary school, my father taught me how to use computer. After that, I was very interested in playing computer. I watched movies, played computer games, searched the Internet and listened to the music on computer. Because my father must work in his computer, so he bought another for me. I was very happy that I had my own computer. It was put in the study. I am always very careful to use my computer, because I am worried I would break. I often chat with my net friends. Because of my computer, I make many friends who have many in common. Of course, I use my computer in study. There are resources on the Internet. I can learn more after class. It does great help to me.

我的计算机(My Computer)

 my father bought a computer as a birthday present for me last year. it becomes my best friend in my room. i'd like to play on the computer as soon as i get home. at weekends, i often play games on line with my friends.

  i've made a lot of friends on the intenet. but my eyesight becomes poorer and poorer, and i am not able to finish my homework on time. it's terrible that my father will remove the computer. from now on, i should pay more attention to my study.

初中英语作文:My Computer

My Computer
Computer is more and more popular at present. I have my own computer and its color is light green. It's more convenient for me to study with a computer. And the best of all is that computer can tell me almost everything I want to know. It really helps me a lot and has become a trustworthy friend of mine.