my family 小学英语作文 专题


   Hello,my name is Tom.I am a student,there are four people in my family,they are myparents,my brother and I.Mother is a doctor  and my father is a worker .My brother is a student. I like my parents.because they’re very friendly.My parents love me.We are very happy.

My fanmily


 There    are   five   peopei   in  my   family.  They    are  my   father,  my   mother,  mygrandmother,   my

grandfather   and  I.

     My   mother   is  beautiful    woman.   She  has  big   eyes   and  long   hair.  She  likes  singing  and   reaing.

She  is  36  years   oid. My  father  is   strong  and  tall .  He is   37  years   old.  He   likes   watch  tv .  My

grandmother  is   very   oid,  butshe  likes  singing  too.  Mygrandfather  is  old.  He  likes  watch  tv .

      I   love  my    family.   What  about  you?


 My  Family

      My  name  is  Cathy . I  have  a  happy  family . There  are  four  people  in  my  family . My  father ,my  mother ,my  brother  and  me  .
      My  father  is  an  engineer . He  likes  watching  TV . His  favourite  food  is  fish . My  mother  is  a  good  cooker . She  likes  cooking  very  much . She  likes  eating  beef . My  brother  is  a  student . He  likes  playing  sports . His  favourite  colour  is  black  . I  am  a  student, too.  I  am  a  deligent  girl . I  like  reading  books.My  favourite  colour  is  green  and  yellow . My   favourite  food  is  corn.
      This  is  my  interesting  family . I  love  my  family !

my family


I'm a Chinese girl,I very like my home ,because it's nice. have six peple.My mother is a English teacher .she teachs 7 clss.she is a good teacher. My father is a math teacher.he teacher 7 clss too. My sister is a student . she is seven years old.she and I are firend. her favorite subject is art,my favorite subject is English and math,And you?On wekeed we go to park.we are very happy. Then I and my family go to a movie I like thrill but my sister likes Beijing oper,I think it's boring .My parents like comdey. oh! It's funny. we like it.I love my family!

My Family


There  are  five  people  in  my  family .  There are my  father ,  my  mother ,  my  sister ,  my  grandmother  and  I .  My  father  is  a  carpenter ,  he  likes  to  read  newspaper .  My  mother  is  a  doctor ,  she  likes  to  read  books.  My  sister  is  a  student ,  she  likes  to  draw  picturers .  I  am  a  student  too ,  I  like  to  play  ping-pong  with  my  cousin . We  are  a  happy   family.

My family


My family is four people:my grandma、my dad、my mom and me.My father is vehice mainternance division.My mother is businessman.Mine is a student.My father is strong,my mother is kind,mine is smart.My 12 year old now,I'm come from China,I'm very happy is this family.

  Intronduce my room again.When you open the door into my room,one can see the pictures on the wall.That was my 10 year old commemorative photos.Photo here is bookcase,stood a bookcase beside the desk and a chair.They have still a right of a fountain.The left side of the door with a computer planced.stood beside the bedside,bedside cabinet  beside a bed,wardrobe opposite the bed.Here is the place learned a good rest.

  This is my family,a happy and harmonious family.